1. Its Sanskrit name is "Gosainthan". Reinhold Messner called it "an exquisite apparition". Indeed, it is Emerging out of the earth-brown Tibetan plateau a solitary snow goddess rearing its not-so-ugly head out to be admired. It was first climbed by H. Ching and Nine Climbers in 1664. This 'exquisite apparition' is located in central Himalaya and lies totally within Tibet. To the east lies Mount Molamenchen to the west Mount Xifeng and Mount Nandengri and to the northwest Mount Kangbochen.

  2. Shishapangma, "the range above the grassy plain" was first climbed by the Chinese in 1964.
    There are three distinct climbing routes on the Southwest face with several other logical possibilities on the West Ridge and East face. Our route picks up from Nyalam, 33km from the Nepal / Tibet border, up to the Chinese base camp at an altitude of about 5000-5400m. The trek to BC takes about three to five days via the Nyanang Phu Chu valley.


  4. 1. 04 Sep Drive to Zhangmu from Kathmandu
    2. 05 Sep Zhangmu to Nylam
    3. 06 Sep Rest Day at Nylam (High Acclimatization Day)
    4. 07 Sep Rest at Nelam
    5. 08 Sep Nelam to Base Camp
    6. 09 Sep Rest at Base Camp
    7. 10 Sep Rest Day at Base Camp (High Acclimatization Day)
    8. 11 Sep Again Rest Day at Base Camp
    9. 12 Sep Base Camp to ABC
    10. 13 Sep ABC rest
    11. 14 Sep ABC rest
    12 Sep ABC to deposit camp and back to ABC
    13. 16 Sep Rest at ABC
    14. 17 Sep Rest at ABC
    15. 18 Sep ABC to C1
    16. 19 Sep C1 to ABC
    17. 20 Sep Rest at ABC
    18. 21 Sep Rest at ABC
    19. 22 Sep ABC to C1
    20. 23 Sep C1 to C2
    21. 24 Sep C2 to attempt C3 and back C1
    22. 25 Sep C1 to ABC
    23. 26 Sep Rest at ABC
    24. 27 Sep Rest at ABC
    25. 28 Sep ABC to C1
    26. 29 Sep C1 to C2
    27. 30 Sep C2 to C3
    28. 31 Sep C3 to summit and back C1
    29. 1 Oct C1 to ABC
    30. 2 Oct ABC (rest)
    31. 3 Oct ABC to BC by jeep to Nelam
    32. 4 Oct Nelam to Kathmandu
    33. 5 Oct Departure
  5. The price offers following facilities:
    • peak permit
      liaison officer fees
      hotel charge at Katmandu
      arrival and departure( transport)
      transportation service from Katmandu to Jangmu
      transportation service from Jangmu to Katmandu
      lodging and flooding from Jangmu to Base camp
      land cruiser (Jangmu to Base Camp and Base camp- Jangmu)
      base camp food
      transportation by yak from BC to ABC and ABC- BC
      base camp tent
      high camp tent
      kitchen tent and dining tent,
      kitchen equipment
      fixed rope and snow bar, ice crew, rock python
      Sherpa ( one for two members)
      3 oxygen bottles per each member and regulator mask one set too.
      cook and cook boy(helpers)
  6. Cost does not include:
    • Personal equipment & Insurance,
      Alcoholic beverages, Nepal visa fee
      Airport taxes for International
      Emergency rescue evacuation if required,
      Personal nature expenses.
      Extra night Hotel in Kathmandu